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Village Kawada

In Kawada

Old houses, Urushi, traditional lacquerware, Firefly, Snow…

You find nostalgic Japanese countryside here.

This village, Kawada, is located in east part of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Hokuriku region.

We have much snow in winter and melted snow gives us rich water.

Using this water, we have rich rice field, which

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Here are the members of “Wan-de-En” group.

We are family-like members. We also welcome guests as members of this family.


Main Host

Mayumi Araki
Main host who is taking care of Wan-de-En, Marimba, and Komazen.
Friendly and not meticulous character.

Chief Secretariat

Akemi Yoshimura
Chief secretariat of Wan-de-En.
Also in charge of oth

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Wan de En Group

Thank you for visiting our website.

Our group is operating Countryside B&B (using Japanese old farm house) and cafe.
Also providing traditional Japanese experience like tea ceremony, Urushi lacquerware making, farming, repair and renovation of old Japanese house, etc.

We accept Airbnb guests and Wwoofers as well.


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Sweet Potato Harvest!


              Today, we harvested sweet potatoes.   Here is our small farming place. The sweet potatoes we harvested today are “Futtsu Kintoki Sweet Potato”. We gathered everything today! We put potatoes into spring water. Clean water wash soil on the potatoes away.   Very clean! Brilliant color!   Put […]

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Renewal open of our website !


  Thank you for visiting our website! We renewed our website! We’d like to improve this site for your convenience. Your request and advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!   Mayumi Araki/ Wan de En Group

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