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Village Kawada


In Kawada

Old houses, Urushi, traditional lacquerware, Firefly, Snow…

You find nostalgic Japanese countryside here.

This village, Kawada, is located in east part of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Hokuriku region.

We have much snow in winter and melted snow gives us rich water.

Using this water, we have rich rice field, which becomes fantastic rice wine.

Sabae city has historically 3 industries of Eye Glasses, Urushi Lacquerware, and Textile.

Kawada is the center of Urushi lacquerware.
Specialists of lacquering, Makie painting, etc. are in this area and many people come here to learn the skills and techniques.

Also there are other traditional industries like knives and Japanese “Washi” paper within 30 min distance by car.